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Take the risk and go for a tropical expedition to retrieve precious cargo lost in the middle of Pacific Ocean. Remember stakes are high but you have to act fast and avoid any danger. Locate and collect all cargo pieces to earn points. Bigger packages will get you more points. You have to be fast and precise - your time is limited! Faster you complete your job more bonus points you get! Help yourself and use radar to localize nearest packages but remember it will take your points away!

Watch out for bombs! You never know what those smugglers took on board so be carefull what you pick up to secure your score. Detonate bombs by tapping them on screen. If you won't have any other choice use reset button.

Upper left gauge - [speed] menu button (restart game, quality settings, invite your friends through Facebook)

Upper right gauge - [timer] reset your vehicle

Lower left button - steer

Lower right button - accelerate

Tap your vehicle to locate nearest package

Tap bombs to detonate them and get additional points

Remember you are the last hope but you are on your own. Don't forget to post your score to other prospectors!


IslandEscape_v101.apk 39 MB

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